The Ménagerie

In my family, we have always had pets.  A house just can’t be a home without them.  Of course, the family pets reside in the UK with my parents, and I miss them more than I do the rest of the family – for one thing, they cannot come over to visit me.  I love to have photographs of them and every time I go home, I collect more.

Below are some pictures to introduce rest of my animal family.  More can be seen in the Picture Gallery.



Jasper is a German Shepherd / Collie cross who came to us from Manchester Dog’s Home as a surprise for my mum’s birthday.  Jasper chose my sister as soon as he saw her!  With the most wonderful, gentle temperament and the most beautiful markings I have ever seen on a dog, Jasper is a joy to be with.  He is loving, clever and mischievous, as illustrated in the picture with the remote control in his mouth!


Reggie was also a rescue dog and had at least two homes before he came to us.  When we met him, he had the name Rex, which didn’t suit him at all so we quickly changed it.  Reggie is noisy, boisterous and full of energy.  He likes being comfortable on the furniture and enjoys cuddles, so he is a perfect non-cooling substitute for a hot water bottle on cold winter nights.  However he is very frightened of fireworks and will not go out in the rain.



Buffy the mouse slayer is very much the lady of the house and ruler of the dogs.  They both dote on her, Jasper especially, and she is affectionate towards them, but she isn’t afraid to batter them with her paws if they pester her just a little too much.  Buffy enjoys lounging on the window ledge, so she can watch the world go by in the comfort of the heat rising from the radiator.  She also loves going out on the boat and watches the scenery from her seat at the front, then when the boat moors for the night, she goes off exploring the surrounding area.


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